Does this product come in a pair or for one piece?

Every product we sell comes by the pair or set unless specified otherwise.

Do i need shocks with this kit?

Shocks are heavily recommended for any kit that’s altering the height of your vehicle. Shock extenders will be fine for front or rear leveling kits.

What are Maxtrac Suspension’s lift spindles / steering knuckles made out of?

Our spindles are made from Ductile Iron, from a cast design. An identical process of manufacturing is responsible for the spindles currently on your vehicle, and Maxtrac meets and exceeds factory specifications so you know you’re using a safe and reliable product.

What’s better, lowering springs or lowering spindles?

If we’re talking about ride comfort and less possible complications down the road, lowering spindles are the best choice by a long shot. Lowering spindles will not alter the soft comfortable ride that the vehicle has from the factory, it also allows use of the stock shock absorbers, and they’re usually a quick and painless install. Springs will usually leave you with a slightly firmer ride, you need to adjust your shocks, so this option is usually suited for a sportier ride.

What are your leveling kits made of?

Our strut spacers for late model vehicles are made from true 1/4″ steel, fabricated and built in house. Most of our torsion keys are now made from Forged Steel, while some remain built from a cast design. Our rear coil spacers are made from high grade aluminum.

What are your extended brake lines made of that go along with Maxtrac Lifted Spindles?

All of our extended brake lines are DOT approved, and made from braided stainless steel, the highest quality brake line in the aftermarket automotive industry.