SEMA is over. Here's what you missed at the Maxtrac Booth.

We had a huge showing at SEMA this year, way better than last year, but i guess that's what happens when you have a brand new Toyota Tundra on 36"s in your booth. The main focus of our booth was a new 2012 Tundra, outfitted with our brand new 6" lift kit. The cornerstone of our new kit are the new ductile iron, bullet proof lift spindles. With the success of our Tacoma spindles recently, we attacked the Tundra the same way, providing a one piece cast design spindle that puts the frail stock part to shame.

We had a couple other brand new items at SEMA, but unfortunately not enough booth space for their respective vehicles, maybe next year? Keeping in the same vein, our 97-03 Ford F150 2WD 3.5" Lift spindles are now available and in stock, these have been a long time coming since we decided to redesign them starting almost a year ago. And finally, our 03-08 Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500 3.5" 2WD Lift Spindles. We've got a ton of requests for these, since the only other option out there are about twice the price of our offerings.

We plan to have the Dodge and Tundra spindles available by the end of the year, while the F150 spindles are in stock now.