Why Pay More? Ours vs. Theirs

The first mistake is to assume all strut spacer leveling kits are made equal. The market has put up with $200-300 leveling kits for long enough, based on the assumption that price should correlate with quality. Unfortunately that isn't true in our industry, most of that money goes towards marketing, advertisements, and race teams.

Being a new company, we've had to battle against the products that have a foothold in the industry, stuck and plastered in show rooms across the U.S. After trying to convince others of the build quality on our Leveling kits, we found a better way to go about it.

We put our product next to theirs, and ask, "Which one would you rather have on your vehicle?" They invariably answer ours, then we ask, "Now which one is nearly half the price of the other?" Bingo.

Maxtrac leveling kit vs. the other guys Maxtrac leveling kit vs. the other guys

So we're spelling it out here, for those looking for differences in leveling kits. Maxtrac Suspension strut and coil spacers are:

  • Manufactured, powder coated, and fabricated here in the U.S.
  • Hole to hole welds on ours, weak stitch welds on theirs
  • Often a fraction of the price of the other guys
  • Thicker steel, resulting in our parts weighing almost a half pound more per piece

Leveling Kits are just a small part of what we do at Maxtrac Suspension, many know us for our Lift Spindles, or our lowering kits for SUVs. The one thing that is consistent across all applications is that we strive for top quality and accessibility.