New Product - 07-13 TOYOTA TUNDRA 2WD 3.5" Lift Spindles

Maxtrac Suspension Toyota Tundra Lift Spindles

Continuing on our journey to lifted spindle excellence, our new Toyota Tundra 3.5" Lift Spindles are here! We were anticipating this kit almost a year ago, and our excitement was vindicated by the turnout and massively positive response that we received at SEMA.

These spindles are manufactured from our traditional Ductile Iron steel, made from a cast mold. This means the entire thing is a single piece of solid steel, just like the OEM steering knuckles that come equipped on the vehicle straight from the factory. Ours are about 2x as heavy, reinforced in every possible manner to ensure stability under a lifted truck running those larger wheels and tires. Equipped with a Double-Sheered lower ball joint mount, you wont find any other lifted spindles equipped with such, just another small design choice that makes a difference for our customers.

These spindles fit 2WD only, and will not work on a 4WD vehicle (we'll explain further in a future post why), unless of course..you want to absolutely destroy your front differential. Our legal disclaimer about no offroad use, not meant for racing, no jumping, etc etc...but you know, these hold up well.