New Product - 03-08 DODGE 2500 / 3500 2WD 3.5" Lift Spindles


With our latest lifted spindle release, we go back a generation to take care of those big beefy Dodge 2500 & 3500 trucks. While the stock steering knuckles / spindles are already pretty solid on these vehicles, we thought it could use some upgrades.

The Maxtrac Suspension 3.5" lifted spindle comes in its signature ductile iron design, made from a cast mold. Placing the stock and aftermarket pieces side by side, you can immediately notice a few things. The spindle neck leading from the unit bearing mount to the upper ball joint is much thicker than the stock piece, and due to the lowering of the mount in relation to the upper ball joint, we've eliminated that entire bottom portion of wasted space. This has allowed us to conserve quite a bit of weight, as the stock and aftermarket pieces weigh nearly the same amount at 28 lbs a piece. Other minor upgrades like the tie rod mount reinforcement make this spindle an upgrade in every respect.

3.5" Lift Spindle vs Stock

On top of the structure changes to improve the durability of the spindle, this piece also achieves a solid 3.5" of lift over the stock ride height, but maintaining the factory ride quality because of no change to the steering geometry (tie rod angle, upper ball joint angle, etc). The track width is increased by 1 3/8" per side, so be aware when choosing those wider wheels and tires in terms of fender clearance.

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Maxtrac Suspension 702235 - Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500 2WD 3.5" Lift Spindles

A quick video run down to give you a little better view of the spindles.