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  • 2014 SILVERADO / SIERRA 1500 Parts Fitment Update

    Maxtrac Suspension 2014 Chevy Silverado 2WD 6" Lift

    Hey folks, little late on this announcement, we've been updating all of our jobbers on updated fitment for the new Silverados and Sierras, but we wanted to put it out there for everyone. We've confirmed that all parts for the 2007-2013 models, will also fit the 2014 models. Lets hope this trend continues through a few more years, as we have some upgrades to existing parts planned (bigger spindle maybe?!)...

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  • Answers on Backspacing and Spindles / Knuckles

    Here at Maxtrac, we have a decent sized lineup of lifted spindles, many questions are raised about wheel backspacing and why certain offset wheels are required. We have received many calls from customers with the misconception that after installing our lift spindles on their 2WD trucks or SUV’s, they can bolt their factory wheels and tires back on. We are also often asked if factory wheels with a larger tire can be ran with our spindles.
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  • Why 2WD Lift Spindles will not work on 4WD vehicles

    Maxtrac Suspension manufactures a large line of lifting and lowering spindles (also known as steering knuckles), so we often get the question from customers. “Why don’t you make lift spindles for my 4wd truck?” There is a simple explanation for why it is physically impossible to use just a spindle to lift the front of a 4wd truck.
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  • Maxtrac Suspension welcomes 2 new distributors!

    Maxtrac Suspension is excited to announce that our products can now be found through Competition Specialties and Premier Performance distributors. With this new partnership we're able to service even more customers through Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Texas, and Kentucky with professional service and the same affordable high quality parts.
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  • Why Pay More? Ours vs. Theirs

    The first mistake is to assume all strut spacer leveling kits are made equal. The market has put up with $200-300 leveling kits for long enough, based on the assumption that price should correlate with quality. Unfortunately that isn't true in our industry, most of that money goes towards marketing, advertisements, and race teams.

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  • SEMA is over. Here's what you missed at the Maxtrac Booth.

    We had a huge showing at SEMA this year, way better than last year, but i guess that's what happens when you have a brand new Toyota Tundra on 36"s in your booth. The main focus of our booth was a new 2012 Tundra, outfitted with our brand new 6" lift kit.
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  • Why Not? Ram 2500 / 3500 Lowering Shackles

    We like to keep track of what our customers are requesting when we dont have that item available in our catalog, so that we can look towards what items to develop in the future. One of the items that is on repeat every week are lowering shackles for the 2500 and 3500 Dodge Ram trucks. So when we finally had a truck in here to do some R&D for our 4" Lift spindles, we took a look at the rear leaf spring setup.
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  • New Kits for the 04-12 FORD F150

    We've just finished up our redesign of the new body style Ford F150 (2WD & 4WD) lowering kits. Using a unique hanger design to achieve 4" in the rear, while keeping the customer's stock leaf springs, provides a heavy advantage over full leaf pack replacement. There's also a 5" and 6" flip kits available, for those that are looking for a truly dramatic drop to accompany new wheels and tires. Like always, our parts have been cut, welded, powder coated, and boxed here in California - domestic quality trumps all.
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