2009-14 FORD F150 2" / 4"  LOWERING KIT


2009-14 FORD F150 2" / 4" LOWERING KIT


Our flip kit is designed to use the factory leaf springs, making sure that the ride quality isn't compromised that's typical in new leaf packs on lowered applications. Maxtrac's flip kit also includes hangers to bring the truck to the 4" drop height. The front is outfitted with 2" lowering springs that replace the stock springs, stock struts are still used in the front with MaxTrac shocks in the rear.


  • Front Components:
    P/N: 253120 2" Front Lowering Springs

    Rear Components:
    P/N: 303440 4" Rear Flip Kit with Hangers
    P/N: 2200LL Rear Max Trac Shocks

    1" Drop For V6 & 5.0L Models